Chained Kitten Choker
Chained Kitten Choker
Chained Kitten Choker
Chained Kitten Choker

Peanut, sweetie, kisses, people certainly do use many terms of endearment or pet names. It is in human nature to personalize language to show affection. Some develop nicknames solely dedicated to their partners as a way to make a difference. It allows them to call their loved ones with special names that only they can use.

The same also happens in the world of BDSM. Depending on the type of submissive you got, you can dedicate a pet name that only you can use. Got yourself a kitty? Make her feel more special when you hand her this Chained Kitten Choker.

Just like this product, expect more from faux leather and zinc alloy-based material items. Both are hypoallergenic and intricately crafted to perfection. Aside from that, these components also boast durability, making the whole choker suitable for every day or extended period of wearing.

The accessory is composed of a black collar with a small chain attached to it. Hanging in the middle part of it is a cute black cat pendant with a pearl on its tail for your one and only kitty. Keeping the whole ensemble in place is a belt-like lock system that can be found at the backside. It will also help you effortlessly find the right fitting for your partner’s neck circumference.

This subtle piece can be worn as a day and sex dungeon collar. It’s easy to match with casual outfits and costumes.

To take care of this ensemble, make sure your partner knows that its materials cannot be soaked in water for a long time. Doing so may cause deterioration of its surface. She can just dust it off with a clean cloth or q-tips after every use. And for the finale, she should put it in a jewelry pouch when not in use.

Put a collar on your kitty. Come on; add this piece to your cart today!

Color Black, Gold
Material Faux Leather, Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Chained Kitten Choker

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