Charming Neko Collar
Charming Neko Collar

The playful side in you is screaming for attention. You want more petting and necking when you are with your lover. You have the kink for pet play, but you don’t know how to tell your partner.

Why don’t you start with the Charming Neko Collar? Put it around your neck, then purr as you seduce and entice your partner into having animalistic sex. Finally, you can put those claws into good use as you let loose your wild inner self!

“Neko” is a Japanese word for cat. And true enough, this two-layer choker features a miniature cat for its pendant. It’s detailed with two large eyes, a pair of ears, and a curled tail. It’s so kawaii! At the center of the band are four bold capital letters that spell a cat’s favorite word, meow.

The band is velvety soft for that luxurious feel around your neck. The other layer is a cotton cord that is soft yet stronger than what you expect. All its hardware is made of zinc alloy known as Tibetan silver.

The choker is 13.78 inches long and has an extension chain that’s around two inches. You can easily adjust it for a snug fit. You can be seductively wild and play rough without having to think it could slip off your neck anytime. It has a lobster clasp that will secure it in place.

While it’s perfect for intimate pet play with your lover, this neckpiece can also be an everyday accessory. It goes well with casual or goth outfits, and it won’t reveal your kinks behind closed doors.

If you find this neck adornment adorable, then go ahead and give your besties their own. It's a trendy piece that no one will ever suspect it's related to BDSM or sex. The vanilla world will appreciate it. Buy now!

Color Black and Silver
Material Korean Velvet
Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 13.78 + 1.97 inches (35 cm + 5 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Charming Neko Collar

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