Charming Submissive Day Jewelry
Charming Submissive Day Jewelry

With just a snap of your fingers, your woman's mood drastically changes like a double pendulum. You can't pinpoint nor anticipate which of her multiple personalities will emerge. But that's what you love about her. She's unpredictable and always full of surprises. And you will never trade her with someone else.

Before anybody cries about your story, you might as well think of ways to secure her. Since you really love her, tag her with a statement accessory that signifies her association with you. If a symbolic piece is all you need, then resort to getting this Charming Submissive Day Jewelry. More than a necklace, this day collar is your powerful tool to tell other men you own your woman!

The beauty of this 19.69-inch long zinc-alloy neckpiece is its simplicity. It resembles a brilliant metal wire braided meticulously and flattened to give it a slender look. It is exquisite and radiant given its available colors—silver or gold. And when you think it won't fit your sweetheart, trust that you can extend its length through the extra 1.97-inch chain at the one end of this jewelry. At the other end is a G-clip that can be hooked anywhere along the link to get her desired fit. So whether it is drooping low or a snug fit that she wants, she can adjust it to her liking.

Its versatility also suits your woman. Anytime, she can slot whatever pendant she wants to attach to it, and there should be no problem with it. She can match the locket according to her mood or leave it as is. Anyhow, she will look regal with this piece!

Unconditional love lies within one's acceptance of his partner, no matter how unpredictable the other party is. Gift your wonder woman this Charming Submissive Day Jewelry to show your affection and care. Grab one now!


Color Silver, Gold
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 19.69 + 1.97 inches (50 + 5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Charming Submissive Day Jewelry

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