Bejeweled Christina Piercing Ring
Bejeweled Christina Piercing Ring
Bejeweled Christina Piercing Ring
Bejeweled Christina Piercing Ring
Bejeweled Christina Piercing Ring

You have always thought of having your first piercing. Your friends influenced you to have it, too. And while you wanted to give it a go for the longest time already, your then-boyfriend says otherwise. He thinks doing so makes you dirty, and the thought of another person touching your pussy to do the piercing is way too much.

But now that you have finally parted ways, it’s about time to make your wish come true! Let this be your breakup piercing—the constant reminder of your well-deserved freedom!

You found a piercing expert near you, and so the next thing you should be preparing is the piece of jewelry that speaks best of your personality. And if you think you are as precious as gems, why not go for the Bejeweled Christina Piercing Ring?

This ring is designed for a Christina type of piercing. It is done on the top of the cleft of Venus, where the labia majora meets. But unlike the clit piercing, this one is more often associated with aesthetics and confidence-building than making the clit more sensitive. It is because the ring placement is not close enough on the thousands of nerve endings of the peanut. It just makes sex more exciting because who wouldn’t be when you see precious stones shining on the roof of a pussy? Anyone who sees it will find it inviting!

This item is a product of 316L surgical steel, making it hypoallergenic. It is used in biomedical equipment in hospitals, so you can rest assured that this ring is corrosion-resistant. Similar to belly button rings, it has this U-shape structure. Also, it has heart-shaped semi-precious stones from tip to tip. The steel part has a rose gold tinge, while the embellishments are available in green, silver, and pink colors you can choose from.

Make sure to only put this ring on with the help of a professional piercing artist. DIYs should be avoided in dealing with the genitals to prevent infection and other medical emergencies.

Have your first breakup piercing soon! Add one of these rings to your cart today!

Color Barbell: Rose Gold
Semi-Precious Stones: Green, Silver, Pink
Material 316L Surgical Steel
Dimension Length:
Barbell: 0.39 inch (10 mm) Top Stone: 0.35 inch (9 mm)
Bottom Stone: 0.43 inch (11 mm)
Gauge: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Piece of Genital Ring

Bejeweled Christina Piercing Ring

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