Classic White Lace Collar
Classic White Lace Collar
Classic White Lace Collar

Weddings are not your thing. The only ring you want to wear is a ring gag, and the only bells you want to jingle are your man’s testicles. But here’s the catch. You don’t believe in marriage, but that does not mean you don’t enjoy playing the role of a bride. If there’s one good thing about getting married, it would be the honeymoon phase. After all, honeymoon sex is the best. So for your next rendezvous, you want to be a virgin bride who’s hungry for cock.

Make the scenes more believable and ace the part. Raid the thrift shop for a vintage wedding gown, order some raunchy see-through lingerie, and complete the look with the Classic White Lace Collar!

This elegant sex collar is made of polyester lace and fancy metal alloy. It has a fine and intricate motif that includes dainty flowers, budding roses, and classy mesh. The bottom part of the choker is adorned by teardrop pearl-colored beads, and tiny cable chains draped from one section to another. A lovely opaque gem in a vintage cameo frame hangs at the center of the lacy collar, resting provocatively on your upper chest.

Since the primary material of this accessory is lightweight and breathable, this neckpiece can be worn for long hours. It’s safe to say that you can remove all your clothing, but this, so you will be more irresistible to your partner’s eyes. Don’t worry; this collar will not snap easily because a metal lobster hook clasp fastens both ends of the strap—you can bump and grind all you want!

You won’t find another collar that combines rustic, vintage, and sexy elements in one. You can wear this with almost anything. But most importantly, this will make you the most blushing bride ever—even if it’s only for show. What are you waiting for? Get this now!

Color White
Material Lace
Dimension Length: 12.60 inches (32 cm) – 15.75 inches (40 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Classic White Lace Collar

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