Classy Lace Rose Collar
Classy Lace Rose Collar
Classy Lace Rose Collar

Leather and latex will never lose their appeal on you because they are the dominant languages of bondage sex, and BDSM is the air you breathe. It does not mean, however, that you won’t get tired of wearing them. When certain occasions call for more formal attire, your fetishes stick out like a sore thumb. Take it as a sign to explore other options when wearing bondage accessories out in public because there are still lots of things that you can try—like the Classy Lace Rose Collar, for one.

Most people think that leather is the only way to impose dominance and submission, and no one can blame them. But as much as you like flaunting to the world that your Master owns you, some things are better hidden in plain sight. Unfortunately, your bulky collars with thick chains and leash do not sit well in the prying eyes of your colleagues.

Well, this lacy neck candy will save you from being the talk of the town. It’s breathable, lightweight, and fashionable—not a suspicious mind can tell that this symbolizes your kink in sex.

Chic and edgy is an understatement once you see this stunning piece. It is made of delicate polyester lace with tiny black flowers trapped in an intricate mesh design. A sexy red motif is glued at the center of the collar—made of fabric that’s folded to form a budding rose. Tiny cable chains are attached to the bottom of the lace, while a deep red gem housed in a vintage cameo frame dangles beneath the flower accent. A lobster hook clasp fastens both ends of the strap so it stays secure while you’re wearing it. It’s a work of art in its own right, and having this on your neck will spice up any outfit.

Give leather a break and switch to lace, and you won’t regret it. Buy the Classy Lace Rose Collar today!

Color Black with Red
Material Lace
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Classy Lace Rose Collar

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