Classy Sex Collar and Leash
Classy Sex Collar and Leash
Classy Sex Collar and Leash
Classy Sex Collar and Leash
Classy Sex Collar and Leash
Classy Sex Collar and Leash

Nothing beats the classic—be it a look or an accessory. Classic is synonymous with sophistication. When an attire or a piece of jewelry looks classic, it gives a divine look to its wearer. This is what this Classy Sex Collar and Leash has. This exquisitely crafted bondage collar will put some class to your bondage play.

This collar-and-leash tool features a leather band that serves as the choker. This neck accessory has snap-on buttons that let you enclose it around your slave's neck. At the front part of this neckpiece is a fixed O-ring where the metal curb chain is attached. The style of this cord gives this eccentric collar a classy look. With its mirror-polished finish, you'll surely want to lead your plaything out in public.

But of course, you can only do that with the leather handle. This holder lets you drag your submissive partner anywhere you want. But that's not the only purpose of this handle, for you can also use it as a whip. Whoop your sub's body with this holder and hear his cries of pleasure—sounds that are music to your ears.

The collar-and-leash kit is available in two colors. Go for the all-black variant if you're into hardcore scenes and activities. But if you want to add a feminine touch to your roleplay, the black choker with red linings is the one you should get. But why only get one when you can grab them both? Doing so will let you choose a tool that can help you create a scenario that you want to bring to life. Just be sure to establish a safe word before the game starts. This way, you'll know if the act is too much for your slave.

Add a classic touch to your bondage play. Get this Classy Sex Collar and Leash now!

Color Collar: Red and Black, Black
Chain: Gold
Material Collar & Handle: Synthetic Leather
Chain: Metal
Dimension Length:
Chain - 23.62 inches
Collar - 13.39 – 15.75 inches (Adjustable)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Classy Sex Collar and Leash

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