Colorful Human Cat Collar
Colorful Human Cat Collar
Colorful Human Cat Collar
Colorful Human Cat Collar

Whenever you rub your woman's head, she always hisses like a mad cat. You find it weird, but you just let it go. But sometimes, whenever you spoon her, you hear her purring as if she likes what you're doing. What's wrong with your girl?

Maybe she likes getting petted. Or perhaps she likes being treated like an animal like this woman in this video. Why don't you give what she "maybe" wants? If she purrs and hisses at night for some reason, then make a feline out of her! Put this Colorful Human Cat Collar on her. Will she act like a tamed cat, or will she be like a wild cougar? These are the only two reactions you may get as she wears this collar. Why? Because this is designed for people who are cats at heart!

This neckpiece will not only make her cute. It will bring out the feline in her, especially when the bell that comes with it rings as it sways along with her movements. It comes in light pink, violet, dark pink, and light blue—all have the same strap design but differ in the prints. The light pink and the violet variants have lollipops and flowers on their print. The dark pink and the light blue, on the other hand, have heart shapes on them.

It's like a belt but is worn on the neck. It has a buckle with a cat figure, making it adorable and charming. This buckle allows adjustment from 11.81 to 19.69 inches long, fitting the wearer's neck. Don't worry if you feel it's too cruel for her. Its strap uses cotton, the same material you use for your everyday clothing. It's safe and convenient to use—that's a guarantee!

You will be surprised with what she can do as you place this Colorful Human Cat Collar on her neck. Like a real cat, she will lick you, scratch you, and meow at you as if she's asking for some fucking. Get this naughty piece now!


Color Light Pink, Violet, Dark Pink, Light Blue
Material Collar: Cotton
Bell: Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 11.81 – 19.69 inches (30-50 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Colorful Human Cat Collar

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