Horny Lesbian Couple's Sex Machine
Horny Lesbian Couple's Sex Machine
Horny Lesbian Couple's Sex Machine
Horny Lesbian Couple's Sex Machine
Horny Lesbian Couple's Sex Machine
Horny Lesbian Couple's Sex Machine

Remember Noah and Allie's famous fight and makeup scene in the movie The Notebook? They were in the heat of the moment when the rain began to pour. All the anger and frustration they had for each other were instantly converted to passion and lust. They were wet and wild. And right after that, everything went back to bliss.

It will be ecstatic if all fights between you and your partner lead to raunchy and mind-blowing sex like that. However, being together for several years, you know better than anyone else that the honeymoon period is over. Both of you are no longer looking forward to kissing and making up. You just know that whatever happens, it is a must to fix things up.

Sometimes, all it takes is to add something new to the relationship. Bring back the sensuous desire you have for each other with the use of this Horny Lesbian Couple's Sex Machine.

This versatile sex machine, similar to the one used in this porn video, lets you choose how you want it to be operated. Wired or dual controlled, both functions are convenient for you and your partner's playtime. With this device, you can be wilder than you have ever been with her. Imagine catching her red-handed. She's humping a stranger as the dildo thrusts her pussy. And as retribution, you get to do the same.

The machine has a steady and sturdy base plate holding all parts securely. It has an adjustable stand you can maneuver to find the spot-on angular display for you and your partner. Its turbo motor gear is powerful enough to bring you both to ecstatic bliss. Depending on your mood for action, you can even change the operation's pace to slow or fast. And the most important part, it comes with realistic dildos ready to assist you both in your playtime.

Just remember, it pays to be hygienic all the time. Keep all the parts of this tool clean by wiping off their surfaces. Dry them thoroughly before putting them away when not in use.

Stop being a boring couple and start going back to the side of kinkiness. Add this sex machine to your cart now!


Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Dildo A - 5.51 inches (14 cm)
Dildo B - 6.30 inches (16 cm)
Dildo A - 1.26 inches (3.2 cm)
Dildo B - 1.38 inches (3.5 cm)

Horny Lesbian Couple's Sex Machine

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