Cupid's Heart Mouth Restraint
Cupid's Heart Mouth Restraint

Your partner captured your heart with her sweet smile. Just like Cupid's arrow, you were smitten by her charm and impressive personality. But your admiration melted away after spending a night with this person who seemed to be the timid type during the day. When it comes to moaning during sex, this lass doesn't know how to hold back. And while it felt good at first, it gradually changed the way you look at her. To help you look past this awkward habit of hers, here's the Cupid's Heart Mouth Restraint to keep her quiet while you're drilling her pussy.

This Cupid's Heart Mouth Restraint is a piece that will help you suppress your partner's voice and will also make her look more charming and alluring. The pink gag in the middle is silicone, which is suitable for its purpose. This material is non-porous and toxic-free. The smooth surface not only feels comfortable in her mouth but also makes the piece easy to clean. The straps that will keep the gag in between her mouth are of high-quality synthetic leather. It has red stitching and silver-tone metal bits to make it look more seductive. The series of round holes enable you to adjust the tightness according to your sub's head size. You can use the buckle and latch and secure the straps like a belt. Using other restraints will add more spice to your bondage play.

This kind of kinky relationship sure is exciting and thrilling, but it also takes two. That is why you should get your submissive partner's permission should you decide to use restraints during your play. Discussing boundaries and establishing a safe gesture are also necessary.

Pierce her lady garden like Cupid's arrow and use this mouth restraint to keep her quiet while you're at it. Add this to your cart now!

Color Gag: Pink
Straps: Black
Material Gag: Silicone
Straps: PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Cupid's Heart Mouth Restraint

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