Cute Hello Kitty Choker
Cute Hello Kitty Choker
Cute Hello Kitty Choker

The very reason why you both complement each other is because of your extreme liking for cats. Your woman is your Hello Kitty, and you are his Dear Daniel. Forever kitty at heart, like the woman in this video—that's your promise to each other. That's adorable and all, but wouldn't it be more charming if there's a token to show this promise?

Accessorize your woman with something that will remind her that she belongs to you. Something as charming and dainty as her—like this Cute Hello Kitty Choker.

Chokers are symbols of submission, so when your sweetheart puts it on, everybody should know that you own her. But unlike other collars that look ruthless and dark, this one has quite a subtle figure. It has a pendant with an iconic character on it. Hello Kitty, a tame cat, symbolizes naiveness and sweetness—qualities that perfectly fit your woman. Inside her is a padlock that allows the necklace to open and close. With the keys that come with this neckpiece, she can wear it anytime, anywhere.

Its chain where the pendant hangs, on the other hand, is made of stainless steel. You can trust that it will last long as it doesn't break easily. It measures just enough not to choke your woman nor to droop so low to ruin her outfit.

Speaking of outfits, she can use this appealing necklace on whatever occasion she wishes to wear it. She can match it with her printed tops, especially those pastel-colored ones. Dim-colored clothes will also suit it as they highlight more of the white and red colors of the pendant. She may opt to retain the keys with the lock while worn or hide them where she can easily find them. However she wants to put it on, one thing's for sure, she will still look radiant and exquisite with this piece!

Give her some lovin' by giving her this Cute Hello Kitty Choker. Grab it now!


Color Silver + Hello Kitty Design
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Cute Hello Kitty Choker

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