Cutesy Pink Fuzzy Hand Cuffs and Whip Set
Cutesy Pink Fuzzy Hand Cuffs and Whip Set
Cutesy Pink Fuzzy Hand Cuffs and Whip Set

Impact play is a satisfying kinky venture. Whether you are a seasoned kinkster or just trying your hands on some spanking to spice up your bedroom experience, this practice can give you lots of pleasure.

To try this sadistic experience, you need the Cutesy Pink Fuzzy Hand Cuffs and Whip Set as seen here in this video. This set is a duo with the most comfortable cuffs and the sexiest looking whip that will entice you to indulge. 

You will have a PU leather bond that will keep your limbs restricted all through the session. A reliable cuff is necessary when you are into bondage play. PU leather has a smooth surface for easy wear. It has a pretty shiny texture that resembles genuine leather without the hefty price. Additionally, the inside cushioning of the cuff makes it a no-hassle accessory even when you want a more extended session with your lover.

And what item should you use with a pair of flirty cuffs? A stunning whip, of course! Having a helpful flogger in your session is more than just drawing the line between who is in charge. This erotic tool heightens pleasure too! As you give a spanking motion to your partner, you are increasing blood flow to that beaten area. As a result, it is more receptive to your touch! What a way to give punishment to your naughty Slave.

You can start by trying them out one restraint at a time and see how far you can take them. As your capabilities increase, combining these two will not be a problem. But, you will need your partner's full consent. Since you are locking those limbs in place, assign safety gestures or a time-out signal. This step will make sure your Sub can get out of an uncomfortable situation anytime during the session.

You are going to love the pleasure of having this set in your collection. Add this to your purchase today.


Color Pink
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Cuff: Full Length: 12.99 inches (33cm)
Strap: 8.66 inches (22cm)
Cuff's Width: 1.97 inches (5 cm)
Cuff's Diameter: Adjustable

Cutesy Pink Fuzzy Hand Cuffs and Whip Set

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