Hook Me Up Dangling Fake Nipple Piercings
Hook Me Up Dangling Fake Nipple Piercings
Hook Me Up Dangling Fake Nipple Piercings

You may be all things, but you're not the type who verbally invites your man for sex. You find it awkward to say, "let's have steamy sex" to your husband as you feel like a slut once you do so.

Tell you what, you can always ask your darling to make love with you even without saying a word. Just put on the Hook Me Up Dangling Fake Nipple Piercings to your titties, and they will do all the talking to your man. With their beauty and charm, there's no need to utter a word to convince him to have sex with you!

They have no magical spell but only pure glamour. Their silver stainless steel wire frames convey sophistication, just perfect for your personality. Each piece is so polished that you can almost see your reflection on it. Since they have a smooth texture, you can feel confident that they will not scratch your skin.

Their metal parts are adorned with precious, opal-like acrylic embellishments. Teardrop-shaped turquoise decorations hang from a suspension chain attached to the jewelry's nipple hook. Each gem is secured by tiny gold beads on its top and bottom, ensuring it won't slide off the wire.

Unlike regular piercing accessories, these nipple accessories do not need to puncture your nipples at all. You only need to hook them to your titties, tighten their fit by squeezing the loops, and you should be ready to go. There are no additional charges for calling an expert to put it to you as wearing them is easy-breezy!

Maintaining these lovelies is easy, too, as you only need a cloth to wipe off the strings and jewels. When not in use, you can put them in a box and grab them only when you feel like seducing your man.

Show your lover your new breasts, and without a doubt, you will have fiery hot sex! You will get a pair when you buy the Hook Me Up Dangling Fake Nipple Piercings now!

Color Silver with Turquoise and Gold
Material Stainless Steel + Acrylic
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Package Inclusion 1 Pair Nipple Accessory

Hook Me Up Dangling Fake Nipple Piercings

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  • $16.99

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