Day Collar Locking Neckband
Day Collar Locking Neckband

You’ve seen how guys flirt with your slave. They even ask her number so they can get to know her better and score a date. While you are all flattered about this, you can’t help feeling jealous.

Enough of feeling insecure. You need the Day Collar Locking Neckband to guard your slave 24/7, even when you’re not around.

This mark of a slave is stylish in its practical simplicity. It’s composed of chunky links that are interlocked to form a chain. Completing the circle is a two-shanked padlock. Each link is smoothed meticulously to remove all burrs; hence, it’s comfortable to have it around the neck all day long!

The brass padlock can be locked and unlocked with just a push. There’s no need for a key. It’s symbolic of your partner’s submission to your power and control. It also adds more bling and personality when the neckpiece is worn as a fashion statement in the vanilla world. Don’t worry about the size. The accessory will nicely fit because it comes in five size variants.

This BDSM jewelry can be a perfect tool for bondage. You can attach a leash to one of the links so you can tug or pull her closer to you. And if your slave begs for more pain and torment, you can use the cable chain for breathplay. That’s how ruthless this neckband can get.

It's crafted from premium metal, so expect the neck chain to be sturdy and durable. It has significant weight, too, which will constantly remind your slave that you own her. Given its design, it’s a universal neckpiece that anyone can wear regardless of gender.

It can make boring everyday wear extraordinary, and if you want to have that rock star look, you, too, can wrap this around your neck.

Your slave needs a collar the soonest time possible. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
40cm-15.75 inches
45cm-17.72 inches
50cm-19.69 inches
55cm-21.65 inches
60cm-23.62 inches
Width/Diameter: NA

Day Collar Locking Neckband

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