Deluxe Leather Fetish Restraints
Deluxe Leather Fetish Restraints

Average cuffs bore you already. Besides their look, you find them too conventional and, frankly, ineffective. You want a restraining device that will really do its job this time—to inflict pain and restrict your partner effectively. And of course, you want something that looks appealing, too. What are the odds! Consider trying the Deluxe Leather Fetish Restraints—the restraining device of your dreams!

These are not your ordinary cuffs that hold only the wrists. They encase the entire limbs to ensure restriction. The set uses high-grade PU leather, making it truly effective in restraining your partner's limbs from moving. Its material is so tough that it won't easily break unless you use sharp objects on it. Its strength is also reinforced by the pocket-like features along the sleeve, making it thicker than the usual leather sheets. It is studded with rings that serve as the eyelets for the nylon rope that comes with it. You can control its grip by pulling the nylon at the back. Or you can insert the lace through more rings to tighten the fit.

If you are the sadist type who wants to watch your lover suffer from excruciating pain caused by your punishments, then you've got to get these. Wrap your partner's arms with it, and pull the string to fasten them. As you go tighter, hear his every moan and cry, which will be music to your ears. Tie the knots, then get to his front and play some games with this body. Pinch his nipples, lick his waist, suck his cock, grind on his balls—these are examples of the "punishments" you can do to him as he's all tied up.

The glossy texture and the blings on them make them look expensive. But in reality, the Deluxe Leather Fetish Restraints are affordable to budget-conscious fetishists. Get yours now by hitting that "Add to Cart" button!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: See table
Width/Diameter: See table

Deluxe Leather Fetish Restraints

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