Devil's Advocate Fetish Hood
Devil's Advocate Fetish Hood
Devil's Advocate Fetish Hood
Devil's Advocate Fetish Hood

Looking at your Slave, you know she is a total catch. Those angelic features that show her delicate personality are just some of her best assets. In bed though, she is a beast and would devour you with such pleasure you have never encountered before.

These and many more make her the best companion in making your BDSM dreams come to life. You like to give her options in choosing items and toys to play with. Role-playing is one of your favorites, and you don't take your kinky playing lightly. That is why the Devil's Advocate Fetish Hood is an excellent addition to your collection.

A tool for sensation play or a costume for your next BDSM party, you will have headgear that won't disappoint. The PU leather material gives the wearer a lightweight fabric that won't scratch the skin even when worn for an extended period. Additionally, this leather offers unparalleled durability with body-safe properties.

This mask is beginner-friendly with its adjacent holes for the eyes. Also, your lover will enjoy breathing with no hassle as this hood has a hallow curve that perfectly decorates the nasal area. With this face cover on, your lover can give you any oral pleasure you desire because the mouth is not covered. This item is highly adaptable to many head sizes with its criss-cross locking system at the back. Give it a good pull to make sure it won't budge off even when the erotic sessions become more intense.

The best part is that this gear features two very subtle yet naughty devil horns on the head part. Role-playing for an angel-devil scenario is going to be a breeze! Just bring the tail and the trident spear or a more significant impact!

Caring for this hood is easy. Wash it using warm water and mild soap. Avoid brushing the surface as it may cause nasty scratches on the smooth exterior. Store properly, ready for your next escapade!

Enhance your intimate encounters with this lovely piece. Buy now!

Color/Type Red, Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Devil's Advocate Fetish Hood

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