Dom's Madness Ankle Spreader Bar
Dom's Madness Ankle Spreader Bar
Dom's Madness Ankle Spreader Bar
Dom's Madness Ankle Spreader Bar
Dom's Madness Ankle Spreader Bar

Does your partner keep squeezing your head between her legs whenever you taste her sweet essence? Maybe her thighs keep trembling and squirming whenever you bang her from behind, making it impossible to hit her hot spot? If so, then consider buying this Dom's Madness Ankle bar! It will keep her legs steady while you're teasing and pounding her wet and tight pussy.

The kit features a golden metal rod and a pair of leather cuffs. This bar spreads her legs wide, granting you full access to her pool of moisture. At each end of this cylinder is where the hooks lie. These latches are where you'll attach the cuffs for an uninterrupted banging session.

And speaking of the cuffs, this pair is designed with comfort in mind. Each ankle cuff is cushioned with a foam lining, ensuring that the wearer stays comfortable while they are around her ankles. Additionally, they both have belt-like leather straps, allowing you to change their fit with ease. So who says BDSM is just about inflicting pain and punishments?

Like any other BDSM activity and tool, you can't just use it on your girl without asking for her permission. So before strapping her ankles with this bad boy, talk to her first and ask for her consent. Discuss the rules and boundaries and establish a safe word. Doing so will keep the play fun, safe, and sane.

The leg spreader may be made from high-quality materials, but that doesn't mean you don't have to care for it. You have to keep it clean to increase its longevity. To do this, you need to wash it with soapy water to remove all bodily fluids that may drip down from her body. Wipe it dry with a clean cloth, then store it in a cool, dry place.

As for the ankle cuffs, wipe down their surface with a wet cloth, followed by a dry fabric. Keep them away from dust, moisture, and heat to preserve their beauty.

Spread her legs wide and keep them from moving with this Dom's Madness Ankle bar. Get yours now!

Color Gold
Material bar: Metal
Ankle Cuffs: Leather
Dimension Length:
bar - 15.75 inches (400 mm)
Ankle Cuffs - 11.02 inches
Ankle Cuffs - 2.36 inches

Dom's Madness Ankle Spreader Bar

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