Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag
Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag
Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag
Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag
Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag
Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag

Most suspense films have the words "silence" or "quiet" in their titles—Silence of the Lambs, A Quiet Place, Silent Rage, and Dead Silence, to name a few. This only implies that there is an inexplicable thrill in being hushed, so why not try keeping it down when making love, too? Don't worry. Our Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag is here to help you do it.

This muzzle will make your sessions more enjoyable, as you and your lover can focus on each sensation without being distracted by unnecessary sounds. It does not only look stunning but is durable, too.

This sensual silencer features a red silicone gag and has a diameter of 1.73 inches to fit into your partner's mouth comfortably. As this material is used in various industries worldwide—medical and food included, you can rest assured that it is toxic-free. The soft texture of the ball will also avoid any inconvenience or mouth trauma. A panel covers the muzzle, giving an alluring look. The red fabric is lined with delicate black lace, which is sewn seamlessly with premium-quality threads. The straps are made of heavy-duty webbing, a woven fabric known for its durability. This material is exceptionally high-strength used for climbing, parachuting, military apparel, and furniture manufacturing.

The straps are fully adjustable. All you have to do is move them through the buckles and glide them to achieve a tailored fit around your partner's head. This accessory is very secure that you have to set up some safe gestures for your partner to use when things get too intense. Always carry blunt-tip scissors with you to quickly remove the gag if the need arises. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Take the heat up, but keep the volume down with the Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag. Buy yours today!

Color Mouth Panel: Red with Black
gag: Red
Material Silicone, Webbing, Lace
Dimension Length:
Mouth Cover: 6.02 inches (153 mm)
Strap: Adjustable
gag: 1.73 inches (44 mm)
Mouth Cover: 3.54 inches (90 mm)
Straps: N/A

Don't Make a Sound Panel Gag

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