Double Trouble DP Fuck Machine
Double Trouble DP Fuck Machine
Double Trouble DP Fuck Machine
Double Trouble DP Fuck Machine
Double Trouble DP Fuck Machine

Who doesn’t fantasize about having a threesome? You having sex with two men would be exciting! You get to be the center of attention. You’ll feel worshipped and adored. And the best part is your holes get to be filled with two large and robust cocks. They will titillate your ass and coochie until you experience ecstatic bliss.

But the problem is, you are not prepared for this in real life. You think awkwardness will surmount lust, and you won’t be able to perform well. And these reasons made you back out from near threesome experiences knocking on your door.

While it isn’t the right time just yet, allow yourself to indulge in the pleasure of getting DPed with this Double Trouble DP Fuck Machine.

Make your dream come true with this powerful fuck machine. It features double attachment rods where you can place two cocks for your coochie and another for backdoor entry. It has a sturdy base plate. This can be fixed in one place, so it won’t move even if the motor control in a powerful mode. The turbo motor gear is encapsulated in a rectangular metal prism to secure its sensitive wires and parts.

Aside from the machine controller, this device is also equipped with remote control. You can take charge of the depth, shallowness, and frequency of the dildos’ thrusts. It also features pause-and-resume functions you can use as playtime intensifies. Of course, what’s a sex machine without its dildo, or should we say dildos? Included in this package are two bulging and realistic dildos. Both have hypoallergenic and supple surfaces that you can trust.

Keep the whole apparatus squeaky clean all the time. Make sure to wipe all the nooks and crannies of this device with a soft cloth. Wash the dildos before and after use. Dry all the parts completely before storing them.

Get unlimited DP whenever you want! Add this device to your cart now!

Color Machine: Black
Dildo: Flesh, Black
Material Machine: Metal, Dildo: Plastic
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Double Trouble DP Fuck Machine

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