Orgasmic DP Sex Machine
Orgasmic DP Sex Machine
Orgasmic DP Sex Machine
Orgasmic DP Sex Machine
Orgasmic DP Sex Machine

They say you shouldn’t rely on other people for happiness. And it also seems true in sex. You are your best lover because no one else knows your body better except you. You know which parts yearn for a loving touch, and you are sure about how they should be stroked, caressed, and stimulated.

Make sweet love with yourself with a reliable sex aid, the Orgasmic DP Sex Machine. It’s a masturbator machine that will set your hands free so you can squeeze your breasts or explore your body while you get pounded in both your ass and pussy! That’s right, girl. This love machine comes with a double-headed dildo to fulfill your double penetration fantasy!

The machine has two main parts: a pumping gun and a board plate. Most machines are intimidating, but this one is easy to set up. Choose a location where you can place it, preferably a smooth, flat surface. And no worries. The sex device will stay put because it has four strong suction cups to keep its base securely stuck. Adjust the pump gun’s angle by twisting the rotary clubs. This feature allows you to enjoy a variety of sex positions.

It comes with a power supply and a plug adapter for that steady stream of stimulation. With a thrusting speed of up to 450 strokes per minute, this fuck buddy can drill your tunnel. But with you in control, you get to decide on how fast the thrusting will be.

You will get to the peak (that’s for sure) because the heads of the dildo are textured. The shorter one is nubby while the other is threaded for intense stimulation. Don’t forget to apply lube to make the penetration realistic and pleasurable. Make love with yourself more passionately, and don’t hesitate to buy this fuck machine now!

Color Pink (Attachment)
Black (Machine)
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: Machine: 15.35 inches (39 cm)
Width/Diameter: Machine: 7.48 x 6.69 inches (19 x 17 cm)

Orgasmic DP Sex Machine

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