Elegant Black Collar Choker
Elegant Black Collar Choker
Elegant Black Collar Choker

You have finally found the perfect little slave. She has all the assets you are looking for in a sub and more. You like her duality as she is the total Boss outside the lair but, when you are around, she knows who's the real Master.

But, as with anything beautiful, there are times that you feel like there are other Doms out to take what is yours. Her enticing personality and physique are irresistible, so how can you remedy this dilemma?

Well, this charming is the perfect solution for that. The Elegant Black Collar Choker is going to mark your lover as yours and make sure no other man gets her. You don't have to check up on her every minute. This choker will mark her as your property.

As an avid BDSM practitioner, you need to identify yourself as the rightful owner of your slave even when she is not with you. Donning a collar is one way to do this. With this neckpiece, you will enjoy versatility and style all in one choker. The lace material will not disappoint. The intricate details give this lacey strip a magnificent impression. Wearing this over your casual pieces or formal outfits is going to look fabulous.

Moreover, you won't have to worry about sizing with this versatile strap. The 17.71 inches lacey string is a free band that you can design as you wish. No size too small or too big this collar will not accommodate.

Then at the very tip of this choker is a lovely pearl. This precious stone dangles freely accentuates the whole strip.

You can preserve the beauty of this choker by cleaning it after each use. Gently handwash the lace in warm water and soap. Make sure you don't destroy the delicate parts of the piece. Airdry the jewelry then store.

What a treat to give your lover a necklace and, at the same time, make sure other Masters don't come for her. Buy now!

Color Black
Material Lace
Dimension Length: 17.71 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Elegant Black Collar Choker

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