Elegant Pink Slave Collar
Elegant Pink Slave Collar
Elegant Pink Slave Collar

Voluptuous body, prominent chest, curvy waist, and plump buttocks—these are the attributes of your slave. You have the perfect woman in the world with her hot, rocking body that every girl dreams of having. And this is the very reason why you wouldn't want to let her go. Her mere absence by your side, even in seconds, makes you anxious, paranoid that somebody might kidnap her and make her their slave.

Relax, man! Here's the Elegant Pink Slave Collar for her. Put this piece on her neck, and sit back as no one else will claim her moving forward. How come? Does it have any voodoo or charm? No. It's a statement accessory to repel men as it says "Slave" on it!

Amp up her style while securing her using this appealing collar. It comes in charming pink with either 1.38-inch gold or silver metal letters on it that spell "S-L-A-V-E." With this on, men wouldn't even attempt to hit her up as they should know she belongs to someone. Its strap measures 11.41 inches and extends up to 15.35 inches long, so it will surely fit her slender neck. You can adjust its snug by pulling the other end and locking it using the buckle on the other.

Prepare for a whole new world of kinky play when you use this on your rough sex. If you want to try breath plays, tighten the belt. Hungry for some pet plays? Attach a leash on it and walk her around your room and bed. But if using it as an accessory, you might as well ask her to wear a plunging neckline with it. Match it with fashionable cuffs, and she should rock the entire town!

Flaunt your trophy slave by putting this Elegant Pink Slave Collar on her neck. Get this now!

Color Collar: Pink
Text: Gold, Silver
Material Collar: PU Leather
Text: Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length:
Collar: 11.41 ~15.35 inches (29~39 cm)
Letter: 1.38 inches (3.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Elegant Pink Slave Collar

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