Elegant Slave Collars Jewelry
Elegant Slave Collars Jewelry
Elegant Slave Collars Jewelry
Elegant Slave Collars Jewelry
Elegant Slave Collars Jewelry
Elegant Slave Collars Jewelry

She has never failed to satisfy your sexual needs. And every time you want her to serve you, she does it with all her heart. She has been obedient and submissive, never asking for anything in return. Giving you unparalleled pleasure is what delights her the most.

You want to reward her with something elegant and something that doesn’t scream BDSM when she goes out. Don’t look any further. The Elegant Slave Collar is what you have in mind.

Fit for a princess, this graceful day collar will make her look divine. Exquisitely assembled for that graceful display of pearls around her neck, she will mesmerize anyone who dares to gaze.

It’s a collar she’ll proudly wear when she goes out to mingle with vanilla people. But she can wear it just the same to seduce you when you are behind closed doors. Its length is 12.60 inches, plus an extension chain. It fits most users because it’s adjustable. With its lobster clasp, it will stay secure on her neck.

Should you get her the gold variant or the silver one? Why not consider her choice of accessories? What piece of jewelry does she usually put on? Take a hint from there.

This alluring collar is made of premium metal with silver or gold polish. And although the pearls are synthetic, their coating will last, and their luster is enduring.

This splendid-looking neck accessory is a classic piece that will turn everyday casual outfits voguish. Pantsuits become undeniably à la mode while it elevates cocktail dresses and evening gowns.

Your partner can prolong its shelf life if she takes care of it. When not in use, she should keep it in a jewelry box to preserve its lustrous quality. It's best if she takes it off when taking a shower or swimming to prevent tarnishing.

Give it as a token of your appreciation because your slave deserves it. Buy now!

Color Silver, Gold
Material Metal, Synthetic Pearls
Dimension Length: 12.60 inches (32 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Elegant Slave Collars Jewelry

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