Elegant Stainless Steel Slave Collar
Elegant Stainless Steel Slave Collar
Elegant Stainless Steel Slave Collar
Elegant Stainless Steel Slave Collar

Your girl is a champion in bed—that's why you're so into her. She gives all the satisfaction your body needs, which no one has ever made you feel before. Every fucking session is an adventure, and there is always another twist. And for that, you no longer want to let her go beside you.

But not letting her go is just physically impossible. She has her life, too. So instead of holding her as your captive, tag her instead with a symbolic accessory. Perhaps a piece of jewel that will label her as your own.

The Elegant Stainless Steel Slave Collar is a statement piece that says, "I belong with my man." So fret not about her cheating or going. No man would dare go near her as they see her wearing this stylish collar!

It's a symbol of your control over your woman. Made of lustrous stainless steel chains and rings, it glares on her neck as she puts it on. Its main chain measures 11.81 inches long and has a tiny clip and a chain measuring 1.97 inches more, allowing conformance to the wearer's fit.

Each end of the neckpiece has four links ensuring a reinforced strength; thus, making it unbreakable. It boasts not only one but five pendants that resemble the Olympics logo, suiting her so well as you consider her as your champion. These ring pendants are attached to each other by four-chained shorter links, so worry not about them getting detached from each other.

With its elegance, you can be sure that she can use it anytime, anywhere—with whatever top she pairs it with. Plain shirts, blouses, and cleavage-exposing dresses look stunning with this piece. Formal and casual outfits look so regal with this on, too!

The Elegant Stainless Steel Slave Collar is your woman's statement piece not to welcome any more men but you. Get this collar, and label your girl now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 11.81 + 1.97 inches (30 + 5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Elegant Stainless Steel Slave Collar

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