Enchanting Rainbow Collar
Enchanting Rainbow Collar
Enchanting Rainbow Collar
Enchanting Rainbow Collar

Are you part of the LGBTQIA+ community? Say it loud and proud! Flaunt your queerness by wearing a statement piece that says, "I'm fabulous!" There's no better way to do it than by putting on the Enchanting Rainbow Collar. No, it doesn't have magic. But yes, it has a charm that everybody will love!

This flamboyant collar has all the colors of the rainbow, so you won't have any dilemma about choosing what suits your complexion and what does not. But that's not it. There are four choices to pick from—variants A-D. If you feel so cheerful, get the one with the rainbow pendant. If you want a classic adornment, the stained glass-inspired, teardrop-shaped neckpiece decoration will suit you. Another one with a stained-glass effect is the third variant with the crescent moon. And lastly, if you want just a plain collar, you've got to get the final option.

The strap of the collar is made of nylon, a material known for its reliable strength. It doesn't tear easily because of the intertwined threads that make it. At the ends of each collar are a G-clip and a chain that act as its locking mechanism. The chain has multiple links to fit the user's neck.

Aside from merely using it as an accessory to match your outfit, this choker is also a statement piece. A collar like this could be a symbol of your submission to and association with your partner. When you have this on, no one will dare to flirt with you. They should know you are owned by your one sweet love.

Stains and sweat residue can linger on this piece, so you must clean it from time to time, especially when the dirt on the nylon is apparent. Gently wash it with water and mild soap, then air-dry it after.

Captivate the crowd and experience getting second-glanced when you wear this Enchanting Rainbow Collar. Get yours now!

Color Rainbow
Material Collar: Nylon
Pendant: Copper
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Enchanting Rainbow Collar

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