Endless Torture Pump Gag
Endless Torture Pump Gag
Endless Torture Pump Gag
Endless Torture Pump Gag
Endless Torture Pump Gag
Endless Torture Pump Gag

Your girl loves music so much that playing sultry songs in the background is part of your lovemaking. And when her favorite song is playing, she’ll sing it while you’re teasing her, and you hate it. It's not that you don't like her singing voice because you love it when she serenades you. It's just that you don't want to hear it while you’re doing the nasty.

Well, here's a solution to your problem! The Endless Torture Pump Gag will literally stop her from singing. Once it's inside your lover's mouth, she won't be able to make a sound!

The gear has leather straps with rectangular holes on one belt and a buckle on the other. These features provide security once the gag is in the mouth. That way, it won't drop from their mouth if they try to spit it out.

But if the security provided by the straps isn't enough, you can take things a little step further, for these belts are lockable. Just slip the padlock into the buckle and lock it up! With this added security feature, no words won't escape from your lover's lips.

At the front part of this harness are two O-rings where the studded panel is attached. Like the straps, these metallic rings ensure that the gag won't fall off in the middle of the play. Meanwhile, the bejeweled mouth guard serves as the base where the mouth plug is attached. It ensures safe bondage play as it prevents your lover from swallowing it wholly.

And speaking of the plug, this silicone wonder's slightly curved body can reach their throat, making it a perfect tool to practice their oral skills. And with its inflatable feature, you'll get to fill the gap in their mouth without replacing the plug. Just connect the pump to its base and pump away! Twist the valve clockwise to retain its shape or counterclockwise to deflate it.

Keep your partner's serenades of pleasure to themselves with this Endless Torture Pump Gag. Grab one now!

Color Black
Material Head Strap: PU Leather + Metal
gag: Silica Gel
Dimension Length:
Head Strap (Full Length) - 24.41 inches (62 cm)
Pump - 3.35 inches (8.5 cm)
Pump Cord - 16.54 inches (42 cm)
gag (Safetey Diameter) - 3.54 inches (9 cm)
Pump - 1.69 inches (4.3 cm)

Endless Torture Pump Gag

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