Erotic Snakelike Kink Whip
Erotic Snakelike Kink Whip
Erotic Snakelike Kink Whip

You are an experienced master with a slave itching for more. You’ve used paddles, tawse, and floggers, and she seems to enjoy receiving every strike you make. For now, you know she deliberately winces to satisfy your fetish. The truth is, she’s not feeling the pain. Her pain tolerance has leveled up, so why not take your S&M game up a notch so that you both feel gratified.

It’s the perfect time to take things up a notch. You have been itching to throw a strip of leather, and each time you imagine yourself doing it, you get wild. The swinging and cracking of a whip also excite you.

So why not satisfy your fantasy and embrace it as your new kink? The Erotic Snakelike Kink Whip is what you need to meet your sadistic needs and satisfy your masochistic partner’s desire. With training and practice, you will be good at cracking the whip. You will surely make your partner tremble.

The bullwhip features a rigid, beady black crop with a loop on its end. This gives you a secure grip while you swing your lash. Put your hand through the loop and let it wrap around your wrist. Doing so will secure your hold on the handle as you crack it.

The elegant handle complements the stylish single-tailed whip. It’s made of braided red and black leather strips. The pattern of interwoven strips simulates a snake’s scaly, slithering body. This flexible tail features two short strips with metal studs on its end to add a punch to every crack made.

Wear your sexiest dom attire and put on a mask similar to Zoro’s. And with every strike, ensure that the savage whip hits a safe part. Never lash the head or any bony part; otherwise, you’ll risk hurting your partner badly.

Take the reins and show off your dominance with this kinky bullwhip soon. Buy now!

Color/Type Red and Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Erotic Snakelike Kink Whip

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