Executioner's Judgment Leather Hood
Executioner's Judgment Leather Hood
Executioner's Judgment Leather Hood

How many times has your Sub not taken you seriously? Giving him punishments for breaking the momentum of your lovemaking does not work anymore.

You will need to explore BDSM tools to help you gain back your authority over him. And that is where the Executioner's Judgment Leather Hood comes in handy.

Masks are an instant facelift you thought you never needed. Your Sub will be more cautious upon seeing you donning it. This PU leather mask is lightweight and is durable, too. Enjoy easy wearing without having to deal with any complicated zippers or buttons. This slide-to-wear style gives you ease and comfort.

Moreover, this mask features holes in both eyes. It means that you can see what your lover is doing as you do the deed. In addition, you have a hollow in the mouth where you can speak out your commands.

The sinister vibe of this face cover is enough to shake his knees. The excess leather at the bottom of the mask makes it look extremely intimidating. You will look like the madman from a horror movie. And the coolest part is that your Sub won't see you underneath this leather sheath. So when he's giving you pleasure, you will still maintain your composure as his Master.

Pair this with a naughty tail and a cuff to complete the look. Make it more cunning and tie your partner on your bedpost as you dress as a frightening monster. He will know you mean serious business when he sees you with this!

Keep this mask hygienic by giving ample time to clean it after each use. You can pull this inside and out and wipe it with a soapy solution. Make sure you air dry it in a shaded area before storage.

Give your slave a piece of your mind and garner his respect. Grab this awesome mask now!

Color/Type Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Executioner's Judgment Leather Hood

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