Exotic Roleplay Leather Leg Harness
Exotic Roleplay Leather Leg Harness
Exotic Roleplay Leather Leg Harness
Exotic Roleplay Leather Leg Harness
Exotic Roleplay Leather Leg Harness

Seducing your partner is hard—especially when he's so focused on his work. You did everything you could think of, but nothing seemed to work to get his attention.

Here's a strappy gear that you should try! The Exotic Roleplay Leather Leg Harness is an accessory that shows off all the curves in all the right places. Just put it on, and we guarantee you; your partner will forget what he's doing upon seeing your look!

This exotic accessory features leather straps that go around the waist and the legs. Each strap has buckles and holes, allowing you to change its fit. They also have studs, giving this strappy accessory a wow factor. And since they are all made of faux leather, this gear is comfortable to wear. You'll still get to move your legs and feet, even if you tighten the straps.

Besides the straps, it also has O-rings. These metallic rings hold the straps together so that the harness doesn't fall off while doing the naughty with your bedroom companion or walking around like a model.

To rock this leg harness, you can wear it as a belt replacement. Pair it with your skinny jeans and your knee-high boots, and strut your way around town, and all eyes will be on you. But if the only attention you want to get is from your lover, you can wear it with your satin or latex undies to highlight your voluptuous ass and sexy thighs. You can also wear it as it is to tease your lover and let him devour you down there without stripping it off!

So whether you're looking for an accessory to amp up your style, or you want to seduce your partner and take your intimate moment up a notch, this Exotic Roleplay Leather Leg Harness is your best bet! So go ahead; click that "Add to Cart" button now!

Color Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length:
Waist Strap - 38.58 inches (980 mm) Leg Straps
With O-Ring - 11.02 inches (280 mm)
Without O-Ring - 11.61 inches (295 mm)
Upper Thighs - 25.98 inches (660 mm)
Above the Knee - 23.62 inches (600 mm)
Knee - 20.87 inches (530 mm)
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Exotic Roleplay Leather Leg Harness

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