Exquisite S&M Collar

Don’t let the soft music playing in the background soften you. You have committed yourself to be the sadist in your relationship, so be sure to satisfy your masochist.

While there are restraint tools like wrist and ankle cuffs to keep your partner tethered, a collar with a leash is still the most symbolic. It defines who is in power and control, and it is tangible. A collar can be used for breathplay when tightened and tugged when needed.

If you’re on the lookout for a sturdy collar that will suit your sadistic rituals, take the Exquisite S&M Collar. It’s a thick, strapping band to be wrapped around the neck. Its front side is smooth, and its backside is suede-ish for that soft touch on the skin. The edges of the strap are with smooth lining for the wearer’s utmost comfort.

On the back of the collar are mini-straps that bear the buckle closure to secure the neckpiece in place. This closure mechanism also allows some adjustments for a snug and comfortable fit. On the front side is an O-ring that’s firmly attached. Snap the swivel clasp of the leash into this ring so you can lead your partner into your den.

The golden leash is a long curb chain with a synthetic leather loop for easy grip. You can tug your partner all you want without having to worry about breaking the chain or unleashing your masochist.

Great for S&M, this collar is suitable for any bondage-themed play. Leash your pet to unleash their desires!

The collar is quick and easy to clean and maintain. Apply any synthetic leather cleaner and polish on the surface using a smooth and soft cloth. Do the same for the hand loop. Wipe off dust and dirt on the metal leash, too.

If you take S&M seriously, then you'll buy this collar now!

Color Brown
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: NA

Exquisite S&M Collar

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