Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs
Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs
Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs
Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs
Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs
Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs
Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs

Your idea of rough sex is not flimsy ropes and cushioned cuffs. You go all out in making your Submissive suffer, so you can make it up to her by giving her tremendous bouts of pleasure later. This is also the reason why you prefer stockades to bed restraints. And if you’re looking for a new addition to your merciless collection, then you’re browsing on the right tools! The Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs will not let you down.

These restraints are made of solid premium-quality stainless steel. Unlike other cuffs, these do not have chains. Instead, the shackles are shaped like figure 8. This design leaves little room for arm movement, as it keeps both limbs together.

The cuffs consist of two arched metals connected by a hinge for ease of access. The locking mechanism is quite straightforward, as they use an Allen key to tighten the screw on the other end of the cuffs. You have two options to choose from: an ellipse or a circle. You can decide which shape suits your partner. After all, her convenience should still be a priority.

As metals are heavy-duty, rest assured that these restraints will do an excellent job in keeping your lover behaved. This item also does not require a high level of maintenance as you do not have to wash it often. All you have to do is slip them on your partner’s wrists and turn the screw tightly.

Like all bondage plays, be reminded of the safety measures to ensure a safe session. Unlike fabric restraints, you won’t be able to cut through these steel cuffs, so always acknowledge the use of safewords. Look out for your partner’s gesture as well, and discontinue the action once you see that your partner starts to get uncomfortable.

Hurry and get your Sub’s wrists locked up in these shackles. Purchase the Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Inner Diameter:
Circle: Women-2.17 inches (5.5 cm); Men-2.36 inches (6cm)
Ellipse: Women-2.28x1.97 inches (5.8x5 cm); Men-2.56x2.17 inches (6.5x5.5 cm)
Circle: 0.28 inch (2 cm)
Ellipse: 0.28 inch (2 cm)
Circle: 0.79 inch (0.7 cm)
Ellipse: 0.79 inch (0.7 cm)

Extreme Play Adult Handcuffs

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