Extreme Sensory Deprivation Hood
Extreme Sensory Deprivation Hood
Extreme Sensory Deprivation Hood
Extreme Sensory Deprivation Hood

Don't ever prepare your tools in front of your partner before executing your mind-blowing BDSM punishments! It defeats the purpose of the play as it takes away the element of surprise. Isn't it better if he doesn't see your accessories so he'll have no idea what kind of discipline he will get to experience?

Blindfolds are for beginners, so you may want to switch to a level-up device this time. Try a sex accessory that will limit him to use his very senses to see. Why not try the Extreme Sensory Deprivation Hood?

It's a mask that deprives him of not only his vision but his hearing, too. It has no other holes except on the muzzle and the nose. Of course, the two small slots are designed to allow your lover to breathe through the hood. On the other hand, the mouth hole gives way to the mouth, allowing the entrance of the cock to the throat, should the necessity calls for some oral action.

This head accessory uses PU leather as its material. It's relatively lighter than the ABS-made sex gears out there. You can rest assured that its wearer is still comfortable inside it. It features a belt-type mechanism on the forehead, ensuring that the user will not have the liberty to see at all. It also has a belt on the neck to secure its position in its place all the time. And lastly, at the back of the hood is a corset-like adjustment system that allows conformance to the user.

Ask your sweetheart to try out a mask like this; it will enhance your BDSM sessions for sure! With this on, there is no way your darling can dodge your whip, lashes, and beating! Surprise your lover with your every action using this Extreme Sensory Deprivation Hood. Get one now!

Color/Type Black, Blue. Purple
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: One Size Fits Most
Gag Hole: 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Gag Depth: 1.18 inches (3 cm)

Extreme Sensory Deprivation Hood

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