Extreme Torture Nipple Clamps for Men
Extreme Torture Nipple Clamps for Men
Extreme Torture Nipple Clamps for Men
Extreme Torture Nipple Clamps for Men

Don't you like it when you see your man suffer from your punishments? You know he loves it when you whip and lash him on his skin. The more you beat him, the more he gets turned on—and the more his dick erects!

Whips and paddles are very common, and most of the time, the cause of unwanted skin marks. Why not focus on just one part of his body—the nipples? Torture them by pinching them until he says, "Stop!" If you are looking for a tool to discipline your man, then the Extreme Torture clamps for Men is just the perfect device for you!

This cruel device for your masochist lover has two components—the clamps and the cock ring. The butterfly clamps, made of stainless steel, will pinch his nipples so you can punish your man without even touching him. They are linked together by a metal chain, which connects to a ring that holds a synthetic leather strap with a hoop. This hoop acts as a penis supporter to maintain his hard-on as you chastise your man.

To install the mechanism to your guy, open the butterfly clamps' mouth by dilating its tips. Pinch them to his nipples, then slot his flaccid cock through the ring. Masturbate him a little to expand its size and fit through the hoop. Make sure to place the loop at the base of this dick to ensure optimum results like prolonged erection and delayed ejaculation. Match this toy with blindfolds, and watch him agonize as the toy does its job. But worry not too much. As he's a masochist, trust that he enjoys it more than he suffers from it.

You can now effortlessly punish your man by squeezing his nipples with the Extreme Torture clamps for Men while you enjoy seeing his stiff and hard-as-steel cock! Get this piece now!

Color Silver + Black
Material Stainless Steel + Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: 0.22 lb

Extreme Torture Nipple Clamps for Men

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