Risqué Exposure Fake Nipple Piercings
Risqué Exposure Fake Nipple Piercings
Risqué Exposure Fake Nipple Piercings

The thought of piercing yourself in the nipples has always crossed your mind. But, as you thought about it, you are not ready to go full-on. You are still a bit uneasy about the thought of doing it.

But, as necessity would have it, you have found the perfect partner who worships you. He is a bit rough, but you like how he makes you feel. In one of your kinky sessions, he casually mentions how he loves a girl with a nipple piercing. With that, you are on the mission to find your first body piercing adventure.

The Risqué Exposure Fake Nipple Piercings are going to be the perfect choice to solve your predicament. They're the jewelry you have always wanted without the hassle of having your tits punctured.

This pair is made of stainless steel, a solid material that is dependable even when worn for extended periods. Also, steel is an incredible medium for these accessories because it is body-safe and won't cause severe skin reactions.

The C-curve steel is designed to lodge itself on your nipples. If you decide to wear the pair naked or underneath your clothes, it's really up to you. But you know, with their stunning design, your lover needs to see them. They feature stunning crystal chandelier-like embellishments that will sway as you move around during your lovemaking. They're not permanent, but they will surely satiate your lover's need to see sparkling gems on your titties.

Even if these are not permanent pieces of jewelry, you need to make sure that you clean them regularly. You can do so by wiping this with a disinfectant after every use. Then store this away from extreme heat and moisture.

You have finally found the perfect piece to show your lover. Don't miss out on this chance to please him. Add the pair to your purchase today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 3.15 inches (80mm)
Width/Diameter: 0.43 inch (11mm)
Package Inclusion 2 Pieces jewelry

Risqué Exposure Fake Nipple Piercings

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