Fancy Collar and Chain
Fancy Collar and Chain
Fancy Collar and Chain

Once you've established your role in a BDSM relationship, there's one thing you must do before committing to this wild lifestyle. That is to choose your tools to explore during these steamy encounters.

Accessories are essential items to add spice to a BDSM lifestyle. If you are wondering where to start, the Fancy Collar and Chain will give you effortless pleasure play. Powerplay is not just all talk. This set will offer your slave enough reason to stop and follow all your whims.

The stunning, brown-colored collar is made of PU leather. Not only are you getting a luxurious neckband, but it will also be durable for extended wearing. Also, this material has a smooth surface to make sure your lover's neck does not get scratched even during the most intense encounter. This 19.37 inches sleeve is highly adjustable, with several slots for you to lock. At the center of this jewelry is a metal ring. This detail is a nice decoration that makes this choker a great stand-alone body ornament. But, for your intimate escapades, you can attach the metal chain that's also on this set. You will love the extensive 38.42 inches of steel rope draped on your lover's neck. Wear the wristband and give your slave a walk before banging the life out of him in bed!

When your partner is wearing this on, you will feel infinite power over him. But, before chaining him in your command, make sure you establish some safety rules. Talk about what to expect during the meeting and assign safe words or gestures.

Bring out your dog mask and tail plug because this choker works well with a complete costume. After using it, make sure you wipe this thoroughly with a dry cloth then, store it in a cool place.

Make your BDSM experience more memorable with the right tools. Make that purchase now!

Color/Type Brown
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Chain: 38.43 inches
Collar: 19.37 inches
Wrist Loop: 8.31 inches

Fancy Collar and Chain

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