Fancy Pink Body Tickler
Fancy Pink Body Tickler
Fancy Pink Body Tickler

Picture this: your partner was all naked and bounded on the bed. She was panting with anticipation, not sure of what she would expect. Then, you wandered your hands all over her helpless body, and she was moaning with ecstasy. And as you teased her sensitive spot with your bare hand, you took out a pink tickler and glided it all over her skin. She moaned again, and you liked it.

But when you were about to run it on her inner thighs, you were awakened by your alarm. What a bummer! You wished you could see her reaction, but you had to get up to the bed and move your ass to work.

Well, you can turn it into reality. You just have to get this Fancy Pink Body Tickler! Run it all over your plaything’s sensitive skin, and she’ll quiver with ecstasy.

This playful tool looks like an Asian broom. But instead of stiff fibers, it’s composed of faux feathers and is swept on the body. It also has a rubber handle for easy grip. Glide it on your partner’s erogenous zones and watch her body reaction as she feels it touching her sensitive skin. Keep tickling and teasing her until she begs for your mercy. If that’s not enough, you can bind her to the bed like how you pictured it in your dreams. This way, she won’t be able to escape!

You may think that tickling is not as intense as other kinky activities. While this can be true, not everyone wants to be tickled. So before you do this to your lady, be sure to ask for her permission. Also, know her boundaries and establish some rules and safe words that you will follow and use throughout the play. Settling these things will make the scene more fun and exciting for both parties.

Bring your erotic fantasy to life! Grab this Fancy Pink Body Tickler now!

Color/Type Pink
Material Faux Feather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Fancy Pink Body Tickler

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