Fancy Stainless Clip on Nipple Rings
Fancy Stainless Clip on Nipple Rings
Fancy Stainless Clip on Nipple Rings
Fancy Stainless Clip on Nipple Rings
Fancy Stainless Clip on Nipple Rings

Thank the gods for blessing you with beautiful, pinkish, and tender breasts and nipples. However, what is their use if you do not know how to show them off? Flaunt those juggies with style! Attract men, even women, with your bombshell boobies by accentuating them with the Fancy Stainless Clip on rings!

These rings will heighten the looks of your bosom and its headlights as they shine and stand out against your skin tone. Each bust decor has a diameter of three-fifths of an inch and is 0.06-inch thick. They come in black, gold, and silver, all of which have the same luster that can draw attention from whoever sees them. They are relatively light, given their metal composition. Their 0.03-pound weight will ensure that your nipples won't support or carry too much of a load that will strain them for prolonged use. And as they use stainless steel metal, trust that they won't rust and leave toxic residues on your breasts and nipples.

You can wear these rings beneath your see-through dresses. You do not need to wear a bra if you intend to use them. You can also clip them on your nipples when you simply want to play naughtily with your lover. Seduce your partner with your bare, naked body, adorned by these jewels. If everything turns rough, you can remove it from your nippies by unhooking them.

If, in any case, the rings get dirty during the play, for example, if bodily fluids touch them, you can wash them with water and gentle liquid detergent. Dry them thoroughly, and use them as often as needed.

These rings come in pairs. Of course, you do not want to leave the other titty unembellished, right? Get your desired color that will complement your complexion. Buy these Fancy Stainless Clip on rings now! Hit that "Add to Cart" button!

Color Black, Silver, Gold
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Thickness: 0.06 inch (1.6 mm)
Diameter: 0.63 inch (16 mm)
Weight: 0.03 lb (14 g)

Fancy Stainless Clip on Nipple Rings

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