Fashionable Day Collar Jewelry
Fashionable Day Collar Jewelry
Fashionable Day Collar Jewelry

Not all bondage collars have obtrusive designs that you can't wear outside the four corners of your home. Some look discreet and stylish; nobody would think what it truly means. If you're looking for a choker that blends well in the vanilla world, look no further than this Fashionable Day Collar Jewelry! This neck accessory looks chic, enabling your sub to flaunt your unique bond under the nose of the vanilla people.

The choker is exquisitely handcrafted by experts. Its strap is studded with rhinestones, giving this discreet BDSM collar a luxurious look. It also has a flower pendant filled with crystals, adding more sparkle to the jewelry. With this accessory around her neck, your submissive partner will shine wherever she goes.

Wear this at a family gathering, and your vanilla relatives won't guess that your lover is flaunting your dynamic relationship in front of them. She can even wear it at work, and rest assured that she won't get fired because of her bling. Heck, she can even don it at a kinky event, but not for the same reason, as this accessory could mean that the wearer is off the market. So rest assured that no one will come near your girl and flirt with her once they see what's wrapped around her neck! Indeed, it's a stylish way to show the world that she's committed to her dominant lover, which is you.

Ready to collar your partner with this jewelry? It's easy! Just wrap the choker around her neck and connect the lobster claw to the other end of the necklace to keep it in place. Presto! Your slave is all collared up, day in and day out.

Get a collar that will let your partner display your beautiful relationship and bond in a discreet yet still stylish manner. Grab this Fashionable Day Collar Jewelry now!

Color Silver White
Material Rhinestones
Dimension Length: 12.99 + 2.36 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.39 inch

Fashionable Day Collar Jewelry

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  • $28.99

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