Fashionable Discrete Collars for Everyday Wear
Fashionable Discrete Collars for Everyday Wear
Fashionable Discrete Collars for Everyday Wear

You’re a jealous dominant who always wants your submissive near you. You don’t want to see her talking to other men, and just the thought of parting ways for work or alone time makes you lose your mind.

What if someone from the vanilla world tries to convince her that she needs no kink to experience satisfactory sex? What if other dominants talk to her about leaving you behind? All these thoughts are indeed annoying. You have to control yourself, or otherwise, you’ll lose her and yourself along the way.

Take things one step at a time. And to help you feel at ease, why not make your submissive wear a day collar like this Fashionable Discrete Collars for Everyday Wear?

The only way to find how committed your bottom is to you is by making her wear a collar. It signifies loyalty and acts as a territorial marking, so this accessory alone will help you erase all the negative thoughts you have in mind.

A product of velvet cloth and alloy, this piece is lightweight enough and will not cause strain on your partner’s neck. Its surface is fully studded, making it fashionable. All the components used in this piece are also hypoallergenic and have smooth surfaces that she will love. Plus, its setting can easily be adjusted. All thanks to its alloy-based clasp and chain.

Made to match all possible outfit styles, your bottom will never find it hard to add this accessory to her everyday attire. It’s trendy enough, so she can wear it whenever, wherever.

You can also make the most out of this item by using it during your playtime. It suits well with kinky tools as it comes in a sultry black tinge.

Buy it in either gold or silver, or if you feel a little extra happy, why not get them both? Your partner will surely love them! Come on; add the Fashionable Discrete Collars for Everyday Wear to your cart today!

Color Choker: Black Lock and Studs: Gold, Silver
Material Choker: Velvet Cloth
Lock: Alloy
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Fashionable Discrete Collars for Everyday Wear

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