Fashionable Gold Collar Choker
Fashionable Gold Collar Choker

It was party time! You had your sultry dress and stilettos matched with your earrings and nude makeup. And to put a cherry on top, you wore your faux gold princess necklace studded with fake diamonds. As you walked on the runway, you heard the other girls whispering, "Such a phony!" It was an abject humiliation—and you wanted to shrink from extreme embarrassment.

So next time, if you are investing in accessories, you might as well get one that looks like the real deal. Gold pieces are beautiful as they are, and there's no need to choose one with fake diamonds which look like carved stones from the bottom of a fish tank. If you need an elegant and timeless neckpiece to complete your ensemble, here's the Fashionable Gold Collar Choker.

No one will know it's not genuine gold! This magnificent neckpiece made of zinc alloy resembles the luster of authentic ones. Even better, actually. It is so shiny that you can see yourself in it because of its mirror shine finish. And unlike the dangling laces, this one has an open circle design. Meaning, it does not have a locking mechanism as it snugs perfectly to the neck. It has a circumference and thickness that measures 12.20 and 1.18 inches, respectively.

Apart from using it as your addition to your overall outfit, this could also be symbolic. Want to be noticed by sadist men in the party? Wear it! Chokers are suggestive as they mean willingness to be dominated. This accessory has a history of being worn by slaves. So if you want to pick up men who are into master-slave plays, then get noticed by putting this on your neck.

Its material, zinc-alloy, tarnishes over time. Make sure to always wipe its surface with a soft, absorbent cotton cloth, especially when it gets wet from your sweat. By doing so, you can prolong its shine and maintain its beauty.

Look regal by putting this Fashionable Gold Collar Choker on! There's no other way to get it but to hit that "Add to Cart" button!

Color Gold
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 12.20 inches (31 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.18 inches (3 cm)

Fashionable Gold Collar Choker

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