Fashionable Studded Leather Collar
Fashionable Studded Leather Collar
Fashionable Studded Leather Collar
Fashionable Studded Leather Collar
Fashionable Studded Leather Collar

You and your submissive partner love to attend play parties. You love to mingle with people who have the same interests and lifestyles as you and be part of their kinky activities. But what you both love the most is dressing up. You love to wear a black latex catsuit with a whip on your hand, and you like to dress up your slave like a pet. And so, you bought him a tail butt plug and a pair of dog ears that he could wear in the event. But something’s still missing. Aha! That’s it—the collar!

If you’re looking for that kind of accessory, look no further than this Fashionable Studded Leather Collar as seen in this video! This should be enough to complete your boy toy’s doggy look.

This oh-so-kinky choker features an adjustable leather belt that is worn around the neck. This neckpiece has small punched holes on one side and a belt buckle closure on the other, enabling you to pick a hole where you’ll slip the pin once you put it around your plaything’s neck. This way, you can change the fit and secure the neckband with ease.

But that’s just for the ease of wear. If your focus is on the style, you won’t be disappointed in this choker, as this collar is studded with metal spikes. These prickets give the accessory a badass look, which means this collar isn’t just for slaves. Dominants who want to rock a gothic look can wear this, too! Any sub who sees you donning this neckband will surely make themselves wet with pleasure.

This trendy bondage choker comes in three luscious colors: blue, brown, and red. Go for brown if you want your passive partner to look like a real human pet. If you’d like to make your or your lover’s look and game more alive, get the blue or the red collar. But why choose one Fashionable Studded Leather Collar when you can get them all? So go ahead; get the color—or colors—that you like and add them to your cart!


Color Blown, Blue, Red
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Total Length - 24.8 inches
Adjustable Range - 16.93 – 21.26 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.38 inches

Fashionable Studded Leather Collar

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