Finger Stimulator Wartenberg Wheel
Finger Stimulator Wartenberg Wheel
Finger Stimulator Wartenberg Wheel
Finger Stimulator Wartenberg Wheel

Tickling and whooping one’s body can spice up the play, but they can’t give you the adrenaline rush you’ve wanted to feel. If you wish to spark your adrenaline, why not use a tool that will pinch your begging flesh?

Experience the maximum sensory thrill with this Finger Stimulator Wartenberg Wheel! Gently run it over the skin to awaken your ultra-sensitive nerves and live out all your fantasies with a touch (or is it a glide?) of a finger.

This torturous wheel is quite different from other pinwheels. Though it has sensory spikes, it doesn’t have a handle. But don’t fret, for you can still use it with ease. Instead of a holder, it has two holes perpendicular to each other. These loops come in different sizes, wherein the top one is bigger than the other. This way, it won’t slip off the finger as it glides onto your sensitive skin.

To use this wheel of torture and pleasure, slide a finger into the holes like you put on a ring. Then, caress your erotic spots—or let your partner do it for you. Lightly trace it on your hot, sensitive body and feel the pressure as the spikes press on your erogenous zones. Take your time in running this wheel all over your body, as the sensations can be pretty overwhelming.

Like other sensory plays, you can’t do it right away because you want to. Make sure that both of you want to try this game, and don’t forget to establish some safewords. When everything is set, you have no choice but to let your aggressive partner do all the nasty work for you. Again, don’t forget to utter a safe word if the act is too much to handle.

Spark your adrenaline with sensory spikes. Get this Finger Stimulator Wartenberg Wheel before stocks run out!

Color/Type Black
Material ABS
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Finger Stimulator Wartenberg Wheel

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