Flexible Massager Electrosex Wand
Flexible Massager Electrosex Wand
Flexible Massager Electrosex Wand
Flexible Massager Electrosex Wand
Flexible Massager Electrosex Wand

It's an old saying, but it still stands true that you can only appreciate the worth of water until it dries. Just like in relationships, you can only know your partner's value after he leaves. That's when you will realize the things he has been doing to you, like how you sensationally fucks you in the ass.

When you thought there's nothing that can beat him when it comes to stirring your butt, you're wrong. Here's the Flexible Massager Electrosex Wand, use it and tell whether you still want your ex back into your life!

You have all the reasons why you need to get this. First, it's made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone like the one used in this video. It's safe to use inside the butt as it's BPA- and phthalate-free and is free from sexually-transmitted infections when used only by you. Second, it has a perfect length that will titillate your prostate until you jizz hands-free. It measures 8.94 inches in total, including the handle, with 5.10 of it insertable to your backdoor. It's 1.14 inches thick, mimicking the average penis size. Third, it offers features which your ex's cock can't give. It has beads along its implantable shaft, nine to be exact. Two of these have nubby designs which will tickle your anal walls inside! Its tip has a tapered design, allowing gradual dilation of your sphincter so as not to overwhelm it with one blow.

It doesn't end there! Those are only the physical features. Brace yourself with its ability to shake and shock your most sensitive spot! It can vibrate and produce current, rumbling your prostate inside. It offers three kinds of frequencies for its electrocution feature and boasts ten whopping vibration magnitudes.

Use it with ease by applying water-based lube on it before inserting it into your anus. Press its buttons to your preferred strengths, and enjoy cumming without even jerking off! And after using it, clean it with water and mild soap. It's waterproof, don't worry. Charge it as often as needed to make it readily usable for your next session.

What else could you ask for when you have this Flexible Massager Electrosex Wand? Surely there's nothing more! So get it now!



Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Total Length: 8.94 inches (227 mm)
Insertable: 5.1 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.14 inches

Flexible Massager Electrosex Wand

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