Flower Power Pretty Collars
Flower Power Pretty Collars
Flower Power Pretty Collars
Flower Power Pretty Collars
Flower Power Pretty Collars
Flower Power Pretty Collars

Many people think that BDSM is just about punishments and roleplays. What they don't know is that this dynamic lifestyle isn't just about these things. Dominant partners can reward their submissive lovers, too, especially when their subs are on their best behavior.

If you want to reward your passive partner a gift for her behavior, look no further than these Flower Power Pretty Collars! These intricately handcrafted bondage chokers look alluring; any sub would wish to have one on their necks, too!

Each collar comes in different colors but offers the same style. The leather band is embellished with roses made of synthetic leather, adding a feminine touch to this accessory. It's also studded with metal spikes, giving the choker an angsty vibe. Hence, this neckband is perfect for your badass bitch.

Besides these features, each choker is adjustable. It has punched holes on one end of the strap and buckles on the other. Just wrap it around your slave's neck and loop the pin in one of the holes to secure it in place.

As mentioned earlier, you can get this neckpiece in an array of colors. Choose black if your sub is a rebel, white if she looks like an angel with a sinful body, or pink if she's girly and flirty like a little girl. But if you can't choose one, let your plaything pick what she likes—or why not grab them all? You know what the people say, "the more, the merrier."

Though these collars seem to be made for women, guys can don them, too! It can turn any stud into a sissy once their subs put this neckband around their necks. Just be sure, though, that your man is willing to wear it in public.

Reward your partner with an accessory she will adore. Grab these Flower Power Pretty Collars now!

Color Collar: Black, White, Pink
Spikes: Silver, Gold
Material Collar: Synthetic Leather
Spikes: Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 11.81 – 15.75 inches (Adjustable)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Flower Power Pretty Collars

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