Forced Submission Thigh Cuffs
Forced Submission Thigh Cuffs
Forced Submission Thigh Cuffs
Forced Submission Thigh Cuffs

You adore every inch of her body. There’s not a single moment wherein you want to play, kiss, and lick her body part. But as you do those things on your partner, she tends to use her hands to push your mouth away when she can’t take the pleasure she gets from you. And as someone who doesn’t want to be interrupted in the middle of the game, you hate it when she does that.

Good news! There’s a tool that can keep your lover’s hands out of your way as you enjoy tasting her body and her sweet juice. The Forced Submission Thigh Cuffs will strap her wrists to her thighs. Each cuff is made of nylon; hence, this bondage gear may be sturdy and durable but is still gentle on the skin.

The outer parts of these cuffs feature Velcro straps for easy wear and removal. Furthermore, these adhesives allow for adjustability, so you can change their fit once you wrap them around her wrists and legs. Once this gear is on, your lover won’t be able to stop you from doing the things you’d want to execute.

But before doing so, you have to make sure that your partner is willing to be cuffed and bounded. Remember, BDSM isn’t for everyone as it could be extreme for most people. Be sure to ask for her consent and discuss the rules, boundaries, and safe words you’re about to follow.

When everything is set, you now have the free will to do whatever you want with her! Put the cuffs around her wrists and legs and show her no mercy. Force her to give you oral or have your way between her legs. She has nothing else to do but moan with pure pleasure.

The Forced Submission Thigh Cuffs are available in four luscious colors: pink, red, purple, and black. Pick a color that you like and add it to your cart!

Color Pink, Red, Purple, Black
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Forced Submission Thigh Cuffs

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