Foreplay Ally Sex Wax Candle

There is so much you want to enjoy with your lover. She loves to take care of your needs in bed. That's the reason you are all about foreplay until she is wet!

Her kinkiness has garnered you different erotic experiences. She likes to be surprised, and you are looking to upgrade your sexual escapades.

How about you try playing with the Foreplay Ally Sex Wax Candle? You won't need anything more if you have this ready at your bedside.

This pair of low-temperature candles is ready to heat up your BDSM play. Temperature play is such a fun way to bring excitement back into your sexual encounters. Each candle is made of body-friendly wax to deliver enough warmth to set the mood right. Yes, that's right. These are nondecorative pieces! Instead, these are made for you to enjoy dripping on your lover's body for that sensual massage. But of course, you can use this in any of your room spaces.

The product includes two candles. Each is 5.43 inches in length and 1.65 inches wide. It's easy to install and use, and you will be comfortable holding this with its striped design. Both are shaped to look like dynamite, ready to fire up your senses.

The beauty of these pleasure wax candles is that you can easily massage the dripping liquid into your lover's body. As you create heat and grease using one of the candles, your partner will be ready to be caressed all through the night.

It's essential to set boundaries to follow when you engage in this play. Assign a safe word and be wary of physical signs of injury through the session. Be ready to stop anytime when your lover feels uncomfortable or hurt.

Create the most erotic memories with these spell-binding pieces. Don't forget to add this pair to your purchase today.

Color/Type Red and Black
Material Wax
Dimension Length: 5.43 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.65 inches

Foreplay Ally Sex Wax Candle

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