Foreplay Master Tickle Sex Toy
Foreplay Master Tickle Sex Toy
Foreplay Master Tickle Sex Toy
Foreplay Master Tickle Sex Toy
Foreplay Master Tickle Sex Toy

Want to play rough or tease your partner with soft tickles? Whatever kinky activity you're going for, this sensual toy will deliver! The Foreplay Master Tickle Sex Toy is a two-in-one sensory tool. One side features ultra-soft feathers that allow you to tickle your partner from head to foot—mercilessly. The other side has a handstitched crop made of faux leather that gives a sensual sting as it hits your plaything's begging skin. Indeed, this scandalous toy lets you have two flavors of kinky fun in one night!

Ready to tease or smack your lover's naked body? Put a blindfold around your partner's head—or not, depending on the scene you're about to make. You can also tie your playmate's limbs if you want to make the game hotter and more intense. Watch this porn video for a demonstration. Use the feathered side to tickle any ticklish spot. It feels so good on bare skin; your partner will ask for it until she achieves a sweet release.

If your bottom is such a brat, or you want to hear her cries of pleasure, use the stitched crop end instead. Gently tap your sub's bare skin with this part and guide her during bondage or blindfolded play. Alternatively, use this end to administer erotic punishment to correct your slave's poor behavior.

But make sure that your partner is up for such games before doing any of these things to her. Also, set a safe word or gesture that she'll say or do while the intimate play is ongoing. These signals will prevent the act from going southward as things may go overboard.

So why get two toys to tease and torment your partner's body when you can do these things to her with only one product? Play naughty and nice with this Foreplay Master Tickle Sex Toy. Grab one now!

Color/Type Black
Material Tickler Part: Feather
Crop Part: PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 11.42 inches (29 cm)
Crop Part - 1.32 inches (3.35 cm)
Crop Part - 1.97 inches (5 cm)

Foreplay Master Tickle Sex Toy

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