Spread Your Legs Fuck Swing
Spread Your Legs Fuck Swing

It's always a hard time inviting your woman to make love with you. It's either she declines your offer or would not spread her legs at all when it comes to the act. That bitch! What's her problem? Maybe she's used to your ordinary fucking sessions that she finds your thrusts boring.

If you have challenges asking your sweetie to have sex with you, perhaps the Spread Your Legs Fuck Swing can convince her otherwise. Spice things up and turn your lovemaking sessions extraordinary and out of this world!

Suspend your woman mid-air using this sex furniture which you can place anywhere in the house. As long as there's a sturdy door, you can mount it on its top and make a sex dungeon out of it. It is a sling made of tightly interwoven nylon threads. It has a load-bearing capacity of up to 300 pounds, making it safe to use by couples even during rough sex. It features two ankle cuffs and two thighs cuffs to support the limbs. It also has a seat that measures eight inches wide, enough to carry your woman's weight. At the ends of the sling are two metal rods that act as shims to the door to prevent the mechanism from sliding during the play. It comes in sexy vermillion red, the color of seduction to entice your lover into making love with you.

Make sure to install it properly before using it to avoid accidents during the play. Find a solid slab of wood where you can mount it, and always lock the door when it is installed. If necessary, double lock it using a barrel bolt for 100% safety. Once installed, place your woman on the mechanism, and try different positions you haven't done before. It will surely bring back her vigor in sex!

Your lady is probably used to ordinary intercourse that doesn't thrill at all. If that really is the case, incorporate this Spread Your Legs Fuck Swing to your humping, and give it a twist she will never forget! Get this now!

Color Red
Material Nylon
Dimension Length: Straps: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: Seat: 8 inches
Maximum load bearing capacity: 300 lbs

Spread Your Legs Fuck Swing

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