Fully Adjustable Dog Bone Gag
Fully Adjustable Dog Bone Gag

Your girl is so cute whenever you poke fun at her about not letting her suck your dick. It is her favorite part of your body, so she gets upset when you drop such a joke. She would purr, then would act like a dog without a bone. She likes being your bitch, but you don't want to make everything easy for her.

If she is this submissive to you, and you are this sadist who doesn't want to give everything right away, you must have the Fully Adjustable Dog Bone Gag to suspend the real action. She will get what she wants, that's for sure. But only after she uses this BDSM toy!

Punish her for being such a pushy bitch using this restraining gag. It has a bone-shaped mouth stuffing that has straps on its sides. The bone gag uses high-quality silicone, a safe-to-use material as it's BPA- and phthalate-free. Rest assured that she won't ingest plastic chemicals with it. Plus, it's soft, making it impossible to damage or break her teeth at all. The cloth bands on its sides serve as its fastening parts. They have flower embroidery across all their parts, complementing her femininity. You can simply tie their ends together, and voila! You have just installed this gag on her!

This bone toy is best paired with dog-ear headgears. You can also match it with plug tails. Once your woman is all dressed, make her kneel like a real dog. Tease her by waggling your cock until she chases after you to get a taste of that delicious sausage! But hold up! She's not going to get that yet as, well, she's gagged! Tame her first by squeezing her breasts, then fuck her from behind. And when you are about to cum, remove the bone from her bite so you can dump your milky, gooey, and protein-rich jizz inside her mouth!

Men should not always be easy to get. Punish her first using this Fully Adjustable Dog Bone Gag before you give it all to her. Grab this sex toy now!

Bone: Black
Strap: Black + Red
Bone: Silicone
Strap: Cloth
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Fully Adjustable Dog Bone Gag

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