Furry and Comfy Cumslut Collar

There is one thing that your Sub is very fond of. Your slave is especially enthusiastic when you spread your manly juice on her. For some reason, she seems to enjoy this kind of erotic activity. She was all for the idea, unlike some of your sexual partners who repulsed with the concept.

As a proud Master, you are pleased with how your Sub acts, and you want to reward this with a fitting gift. The Furry and Comfy Cumslut Collar is the perfect item for that. This neckpiece is more than a collar. It's a stunning piece of jewelry that will promote your Sub as a stand-out wherever she goes. Further, this item is made of high-grade PU leather, a reliable medium with a softness that you will relish during lovemaking. This material also offers all the advantages of genuine leather without the hefty price.

What sets this apart from the usual collar is its fur cushion on the lining. The wearer will surely enjoy the soft feeling of this synthetic fur on the neck even as the session becomes a bit rough. Tugging and playing during a sexual role play will be a breeze!

Enjoy the 17 inches strap that you can freely adjust to your liking. Also, the words 'cum' and 'slut' are signed on the front of the belt's facade. These letters are adorned with the most beautiful crystal stones. Further, these words not only mark your partner as your property but also states her favorite things in bed! That's a dual function you can't miss out on!

Additionally, the D-ring on the front part will allow you to leash your partner as you progress through your erotic play.

Maintain the pristine beauty of this piece. You can do so by wiping it dry with a cloth after each use.

A reward is the best of praise. Give your lover what's due for her! Add this to your purchase now!

Color Pink
Material PU Leather
Faux Fur
Dimension Length: 17 inches (Adjustable)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Furry and Comfy Cumslut Collar

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